Alquiansa - Sector Rehabilitación


We specialise in scaffolding for rehabilitation of buildings. We meet the needs of every work.

ALQUIANSA delivers fit-for-purpose solutions to its customers, whether in the historic centre, where time-consuming work is made even more difficult by narrow streets that restrict access or buildings hollowed-out with only the façade remaining, or in residential areas and high-rise buildings that need to be repaired.

The scaffolding required to provide a comprehensive solution for each job must provide safety protection and covering for pedestrians; ensure free access to houses and garages; keep the narrow streets open; have a hoist for materials; be equipped with alarms to deter intruders, and create a safe and comfortable working space that is aesthetically pleasant with minimal visual impact.

The rehabilitation of urban buildings requires the use of scaffolds, power-operated suspension scaffolds, platforms, façade stabilisers, hoists, etc.